Book Review: Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

A concise read for self-help enthusiasts from two best-selling authors.

Living a modern lifestyle can be quite hectic and overwhelming, as information overload and negativity constantly bombard our mind. Anxiety, worries, stress, frustrations, and being overwhelmed are signs of mind clutter, which can be solved by adopting the right mindsets, habits, and actions. This book is divided into four sections: decluttering thoughts, decluttering life obligations, decluttering relationships, and decluttering surroundings. Each section comes with scientific explanations, solutions, anecdotes, and exercises to help readers decluttering their mind. Well structured, authoritative and written in straightforward, clear, and friendly tone, this book is packed with applicable recommendations to try immediately. Both S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport are multiple-book best-selling authors.

A clear, practical, and well-researched concise self-help book for those with limited reading time yet want to learn potent ways to declutter mind.

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Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publish Date: August 23, 2016
Pages: 156
Review Date: January 16, 2017
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