Book Review: Extended Stay by Bradley Cannon

Extended Stay is a surrealist novel by Bradley Cannon. A master storyteller, Cannon weave stories about people, places, and their brush with life, death, uncertainty, and hope. It is a novel about people who live thousands of mile from each other, yet they are connected with invisible strings.

The story started with a chapter about tsunamis in Blitangan, Java. And setting of the main story is Chattanooga, Tennessee and surrounding areas. In September 2009, the local newspaper printed a blank obituaries section. Nobody and no animal died.

Natural and man-made disasters on various levels of magnitude do happen every day everywhere, such as in Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California. Good thing is, life is full of serendipities and second chances. After all, human beings make choices and we must live with the consequences: good, bad, or anything in-between.

So, what caused the death moratorium? Will everyone be undead in the end?

This novel will make readers think about their lives, privileges, and surroundings. It reminds us that there are more to see and feel from a disaster and any incident. It reminds us that life goes on, albeit with questions of “what if”s. Sometimes for immediacy that ends abruptly, sometimes for new normalcy, and sometimes for an “extended stay.”

Are we heading to the “final destination” or are we privileged enough to enjoy an “extended stay”? Whichever it is, we should be grateful for what we have. Sometimes the toss of the coin of life is no more than a mystery.

Each chapter can be read as a short story, which makes this novel unique. The characters are well described, realistic, and lovable. The notion of “monster” is a bit too abstract but it would make readers curious to turn the pages.

Overall, it is a great work of fiction. Slightly more complex than anticipated. A great read, nonetheless.

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Book Details:

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Lizard Reach Productions
Publish Date: November 25, 2014
Pages: 252
Review Date: June 2014
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